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Startup 246There's never a right time to start a business 

From an article by Holly & Co

Holly Tucker, one of the founders of notonthehighstreet, runs a business which is a passionate supporter of small businesses and all those who choose to live a life less ordinary.

She tells of meeting thousands of people over the years who have come up to her enthused with an idea, smiling at the notion of being their own boss. She then asks the dreaded question, "So when are you starting your business?". Their faces drop, the shoulders hunch and they brush off the question with a laugh. The excuses, all well intended, true and so forth, flow.

She thinks everyone believes there will be a time, a perfect moment, for the adventure to begin of starting your own business and the truth is, there’s never a good time.

We’re all very busy with our normalities of life and first thoughts are that you couldn’t quite possibly fit starting your own business. On average, we have 561,000 hours on this planet with 187,000 asleep, 117,000 on daily chores and 198,000 working. No wonder we feel we don’t have the time to start something totally new. But this is where we’re wrong. Shouldn't we use the precious time we do have, doing what we love? And if you agree, then it’s the way you look at your time that matters. 

For instance, if you were able to work on your idea for 60 minutes a day, possibly broken up into two 30 minute blocks at the beginning and end, you’d be able to practically give your new business a whole day a week. Is there a possibility that you could ask your boss to work slightly less hours on the day job? A huge percentage of business owners start this way, as it allows you the security of a pay cheque, whilst you ‘go for it'. 

If you can carve an amount of regular time into your busy diary, do not underestimate the power of what you can achieve. If you gave yourself an hour a day, in one year you would have given yourself 45 working days, which is 100% enough time to start your business.

Our lives, whatever we do, don't stop us from building a business - it's the perception of our time, it’s how we use it, carve it up and utilise it. 

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From an article by Holly and Co, 08/02/2023

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