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Five lessons from ten Corporate-Charity partnerships 
From charity partnership with 10 FTSE100 companies, key lessons for coys to have a positive impact on poverty, the environment, and working well together with charities and government.
Creating a 'Social Business City'
Taoyuan City, Taiwan has created “an enabling ecosystem for social businesses, social enterprises and social innovation” by removing obstacles and giving them the “power, means, opportunities and authority to pursue their goals”
Redirecting procurement to social enterprise suppliers 
Social procurement creates better outcomes for society, the environment and a business. It prioritises social and environmental outcomes alongside financial factors.
There's never a right time to start a business 
If you can carve an amount of regular time into your busy diary, do not underestimate the power of what you can achieve. Our lives, whatever we do, don't stop us from building a business - it's the perception of our time.
Thriving Cities (or towns)
What does it mean and take to thrive in my city, and how can I contribute? Six areas of community wealth and well-being: Truth, Prosperity, Good, Justice and Order, Beauty and Sustainability.
The Washing Machine Project 
70% of the world does not have access to an electric washing machine. Hand washing clothes is time and water-consuming.affecting livelyhoods, health. The Project developed an off-grid, manual machine, which saves 60% of time and 50% water.
Masaka Creamery
"I can say that it's a blessing for the company and also to the community to employ youth with disabilities or hearing impairments. I've come to realize that actually they're not disabled because they are so committed."
Dismantling the poverty premium
Limited means of consumers on low incomes reduces their economic flexibility, creates costly choices, which then serves to reduce their overall means. This cycle of paying over the odds makes up the poverty premium.
The case for Living Wages
Paying living wages throughout core operations and the value chain strengthens business performance, resilience, stability, while delivering measurable social impact and enabling more effective delivery on human rights obligations.
Facing the poverty tsunami
COVID, conflict, climate change are some of challenges driving tsunami of poverty already crashing into lives of vulnerable people, communities around the world. An extra 1bn people will live in poverty. How can business help?
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Online - Exploring Marginalisation: Experiences of Community Businesses
Power to Change commissioned Spark Insights and Locality to conduct research exploring the barriers faced by community businesses and organisations led by / supporting people experiencing marginalisation.
The research explored how marginalisation impacts community businesses on their journey, from seeking and receiving funding, to perceptions and experiences of funders and capacity building organisations, to recurring barriers and challenges. The research also explores the experiences of funding and capacity building organisations in supporting and responding to these experiences challenges
Join us as we share insights from community businesses, funders, capacity building organisations as well as recommendations and possible solutions.
Online - How businesses can encourage and support social innovation in their organisations
This is a written discussion. For some businesses wishing to increase the social value they deliver requires innovation. It could be about innovating new products or services, opening up new markets or changing an existing practice or process. Managing change can be challenging. Maximising social and commercial outcomes simultaneously adds complexity. How are businesses accelerating social innovation within and outside of their organisations? What are the benefits of doing so? Why isn’t social innovation mainstream yet?’
Online - Groundbreakers - Helen Tupper, CEO Amazing If
Helen Tupper is the co-founder and CEO of Amazing If, a company with an ambition to make careers better for everyone. Together with her business partner Sarah Ellis, she is the author of two Sunday Times bestsellers The Squiggly Career? and You Coach You. Their Squiggly Careers podcast is the UK's #1 careers podcast and their TEDx talk The best career path isn’t always a straight line has over 1.5m downloads.
Helen also works as a Trustee for Working Families, a UK charity with a mission to support families and carers with their work and life commitments. Prior to Amazing If she held leadership roles for Microsoft, Virgin and BP and was awarded the FT & 30% Club’s Women in Leadership MBA Scholarship.

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